Tru Bal News

Happy New Year from Bobby and Brenda Branton of Branton Knifeworks, Tru Balance Knife Company and The American Knife Throwers Alliance.
If you have been following the saga of our rescue dogs, you can see that we have had our hands full and the saga looks like it will continue into 2018.

I have a few orders to clean up and I have some personal stuff to take care of in January, then hopefully I can implement some new plans and bring out some cool stuff for 2018 by February 2018.

The one change that I am working on now will require some photos that I need to have shot by a pro.
The Tru Balance Knife Company line will be revamped slightly to preserve our rich sixty plus years of history.

The six main designs that have been the core of the Tru Bal Company will be named “The legacy Series” to honor the company founder, Harry K. McEvoy.
These designs have been consistent sellers over the years and will be around for years to come.
I will be performing a inventory of remaining blades and depending on future sales, they will remain in a new category known as the Tru Bal custom shop. The Tru Bal custom shop with be the home of older designs that have not been great sellers over the years, but are classic designs. When the stock runs low, they will either be revived or discontinued for good. The Tru Bal custom shop in time will introduce new fresh designs by Bobby Branton or designs that came with the company that have never been in production. We are even looking at a few no spin models to introduce the company to a new group of Knife Throwers who may not be familiar with Tru Balance Knives.
Bobby Branton