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Updated 2-28-2020

Sales have been great for new knives. The market has been very slow for vintage Tru Balance Knives. The older collectors have died out or left the market. Beware of sales ads listing crazy high prices. I watch social media sales as well as E Bay listing daily and track actual sales, not over exaggerated prices. Knives that are truly rare will and should bring top money. These listings are just fishing and trying to find an unsuspecting buyer. These listings are just fishing and trying to find an unsuspecting buyer.

 Check out our price guide under “Discontinued Tru Balance Knives”

 “Excellent Condition” are knives that command the highest prices. Those knives are absolutely in mint condition and have never been used.

“Good condition”  are knives that show little use and have a few rub marks.

“Average condition”  are knives that show a lot of ear from throwing of handling, but do not have rust marks.

“Poor Condition” are knives that have deep pits of surface rust that can not be cleaned off or need to be sent back to Tru Bal for refurbishing.

Most Tru Balance Knives that show up on E Bay are average to poor condition. Beware of knives listed with buzz words such as  “Vietnam era, Rare, etc” do your homework or contact us.We buy and sell early Tru Bal Knives, so we have an interest in protecting the collector from misleading sales ads.

Bobby Branton


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The mission will be to promote Tru Balance Throwing Knives and to promote the collecting of Tru Balance Throwing Knives.

Here are a few of our goals for the club.

Develop a pricing guide.

Develop a timeline for sheaths

Company history

Shop news

Show discontinued models

Show release of new models

Member pricing

Store (books, patches, tee shirts, hats and stickers etc)

Send us pics of your Tru-Bal Knives to so that other collectors can enjoy them.

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