Tru Balance Knives for sale

Please read carefully

As of October 1, 2021 we have increased our prices due to the higher prices of our raw materials and higher shipping prices.

You can see our line of Tru Balance Throwing Knives by viewing the the catalog below. Email your order to I will e mail you back and confirm your order and give you payment options.

Due to the pandemic and other pandemic related factors with our vendor, as of January 1st 2021 we will no longer be able to off a leather sheath with our knives.
With this in mind, we have decided to not raise prices at this time.
We can give you a quote on a high quality  custom sheath at an additional cost.

We are quoting delivery times of 4-6 weeks at this time.

Hopefully by December 2021 we should be close to having inventory to be able to fill orders in a more timely manner. If the knives that you wish to order are not in stock, we will put your name on a list and contact you when that model is in stock providing we have the raw material available. 

Our knives are guaranteed for life from defects in materials and workmanship. Knives with signs of obvious abuse will be judged on a case by case basis.

You can call us at 843-991-8539 if you have any questions.

“Harry McEvoy legacy series”

Model # 79   “Sport Pro”


The model we make for the Pro’s

The Tru-Bal SPORT-PRO is designed for throwing in the professional style. It combines all of the best throwing features of throwing knives used by the world’s greatest knife throwers. It can be thrown equally well by handle OR blade for amazing accuracy (after a bit of practice) and with maximum penetration and control. The knife is crafted of super tough, tempered spring steel and will stand up to a lifetime of rugged use. The SPORT_PRO thrower is 13 ½ inches overall, 2 ½ inches wide and 5 /32nds thick. It weighs 15 ounces and is the perfect length, weight and balance for professional performance. “SHEATHS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS MODEL”

                   EACH                          SET OF THREE                       SET OF SIX

                   $80.00                              $235.00                                $475.00

Tru-Balance model #1

The Tru Bal model number one is back!! The model #1 has not been produced by Tru Bal since 1983 when the model was sold to a Tru Bal franchise. I was able to contact the owner and receive permission to bring it back into our line up.

SPECS coming. $115.00


Branton Classics

We have brought back a few of the Branton classics for a short time. Supplies are very limited. SPECS coming.

BB-2 – Super Pro $80.00

BB-17 – Ralph’s thrower $115.00

BB-9 – Brenda’s knife $115.00


Tru-Bal “Bowie-Axe” Throwing Knife

Model# 2                        $115.00 each


The Tru Bal “Bowie-Axe” has been sold worldwide since 1959. It has achieved fame as an all purpose throwing, game hunting, camping, chopping, combat and survival knife. Handcrafted of specially tempered spring steel. It will stand up to a lifetime of rugged use. Overall length is 13 ½ inches, width 2 inches and thickness 3/16ths. Handle slab or tough black G-10 secured with heavy rivets. SHEATH NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Tru-Bal classic “Pro-Throw” Knife


Model # 70    $115.00 each

The revised McEvoy classic professional throwing knife was long awaited by sportsmen in many countries. An earlier version became one of our most copied throwing knives in the world. Crafted of super tough, specially tempered spring steel, with black G-10 scales heavily riveted on, this perfectly balanced throwing knife can be thrown equally well by handle or blade in the professional style of throwing. It is 13 ½ inches overall, 2 inches wide, 3/16ths thick and weighs 15 ounces. The perfect weight, length and balance for accurate throwing. SHEATH NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Tru-Bal “Throwing Dirk”

Model # 76       $115.00 each


Model 76 “Throwing Dirk” was designed by our founder Harry K. McEvoy in honor of America’s Bicentennial. Like all Tru-Bal knives it is hand crafted of super tough specially tempered spring steel for a lifetime of rugged use. Thrown equally well by handle OR blade.  This is a true professional throwing knife you will be proud to own and throw. It is 13 ½ inches overall, 2 inches wide, 3 1/6ths thick and it weighs 15 ounces. SHEATH NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Tru-Bal “Stinger” Throwing bowie

Model # 91                             $115.00 each


The “STINGER” McEvoy Throwing Bowie, is the finest knife of it’s type ever offered to America’s sportsman. Forty years of experience went into this design of this superb piece of cutlery. Handcrafted of super tough and specially tempered spring steel, it will stand up to a lifetime of all purpose use as a hunting, camping, survival and throwing knife. It can be thrown equally well by handle or blade. The sturdy black G-10 scales resist the shock of throwing and the extended tang helps prevent handle damage on improper throws. The “Stinger” is 13 ½ inches overall, 2 inches wide, and 3/16ths thick and weighs 15 ounces. It is the perfect length and weight for maximum control by the thrower. SHEATH NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Tru-Bal “MOUNTAIN BOWIE” Throwing knife

Model # 94   $140.00 each


The Model No. 94 “Mountain Bowie” is an excellent heavyweight handle thrower, hand-crafted of the same super tough, specially tempered spring steel of which all Tru-Bal knives are constructed. It will stand up to a lifetime of rugged,all-purpose use. Overall length is approximately 15”, with a 2¼” width at the blade, 3/16” thickness and a weight of approximately 21 ounces. The sturdy vulcanized fiber handle slabs are solidly riveted to resist the shock of throwing. SHEATH NO LONGER AVAILABLE.




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