Tru Balance Knives for sale

Due to the price of raw materials and supplies, after 20 years we have been forced to raise our prices. I hope that you can still appreciate the handcrafted process that we use to insure the best quality throwing knives of it’s kind.

You can order Tru Balance Throwing Knives by clicking on the the catalog below. As of March 15, 2019 we are quoting 4-6 week delivery once payment has been received. You can call us at 843-991-8539

You can view our 2019 catalog by clicking on the PDF file. If it will not open, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat.

2019 tru bal catalog



New knife throwing book by Bobby Branton.


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to throw knives or tomahawks, look no further than The Ultimate Guide to Knife Throwing. This comprehensive guide is perfect for everyone from novices who have never picked up a knife to seasoned knife and tomahawk throwers looking to compete in their first tournament.

Bobby Branton has been a foremost expert in the field of knife throwing and handcrafting custom throwing knives for over thirty years and shares his expertise here with easy step-by-step directions. Branton shows readers two methods of throwing knives that are most popular with knife throwers today. He will also share his extensive knife-making experience by showing readers how to make a quality throwing knife on a budget.

In addition to improving technical skills, this guide will also give readers a brief history of the sport—covering everyone from the pioneers of the sport to today’s modern impalement artists. This book will give you the tools needed to learn everything from the basics of knife and tomahawk throwing to how to start your own knife and tomahawk throwing club. Readers will learn how to construct targets, learn the basic stance, basic knife and tomahawk grips, and the mechanics of throwing knives and tomahawks. Branton’s guide gives an in-depth look at this fast-growing sport, with a strong emphasis placed on safety.

The Ultimate Guide to Knife Throwing is a must for anyone interested in the sport of knife throwing.

$14.00 plus shipping and handling

We accept Pay Pal and major credit cards. e mail Bobby at to purchase.