Do you offer a catalog?

Yes we do publish a paper catalog. Feel free to e mail  us your request for a catalog or print one off of our web site.

Do you refurbish Tru Balance Knives?

Yes, we do. The price to refurbish a Tru Balance knife is $50.00 per knife.
Depending on the condition of the knife, it will appear as close to new as possible.  Sometimes the knife will be altered slightly depending on how bad it has been damaged. It is best to send a pic of the knife or send the actual knife for us to access the condition.

Can you authenticate a Tru Balance throwing knife?

Yes, you can contact us with a pic or sometimes you may need to send the knife in for authentication. The cost is $25.00 per knife and you will receive a certificate authenticating your knife. On certain models, we may only be able to estimate the age within a few years.

Do you sell sheaths?

we no longer offer sheaths with our knives.

I inherited some older Tru Bal throwing knives. Where can I sell them???

We buy and sell older Tru Bal Knives. We can offer you a fair price for them depending on rarity and condition. Remember, we are a business and we have to make a profit. We can also sell them here on our site on a consignment basis in our FOR SALE section for a 25% commission.

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