Discontinued Tru Bal knives

These knives have been discontinued and are not for sale.

They are shown for historical reference only. Click on pics to enlarge.





This page will be devoted to listing older Tru Balance Throwing Knives that are still available as well as models that have been discontinued along with model changes that have taken place over the years. Well will also post pics with information of one of a kind knives. The prices shown below from Stephen D. McEvoy and Bobby Branton are a product of over 100 combined years dealing in Tru Balance Throwing Knives. As with any collectible, the value can be subjective and fluctuate with the market as well as supply and demand. Bottom line is that collectibles are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

Updated 5-15-2020
Due to the Coronavirus, we have decided to take down estimated prices for older Tru Bal Knives until the market can recover and we see where pricing will settle.

Sales have been great for new knives. The market has been very slow for vintage Tru Balance Knives. The older collectors have died out or left the market.

Beware of sales ads listing crazy high prices. I watch social media sales as well as E Bay listings daily and track actual sales, not over exaggerated prices. Knives that are truly rare will and should command higher prices. These listings are just fishing and trying to find an unsuspecting buyer.

 Check out our price guide under “Discontinued Tru Balance Knives”

 “Excellent Condition” are knives that command the highest prices. Those knives are absolutely in mint condition and have never been used.

“Good condition”  are knives that show little use and have a few rub marks.

“Average condition”  are knives that show a lot of ear from throwing of handling, but do not have rust marks.

“Poor Condition” are knives that have deep pits of surface rust that can not be cleaned off or need to be sent back to Tru Bal for refurbishing.

Most Tru Balance Knives that show up on E Bay are average to poor condition. Beware of knives listed with buzz words such as  “Vietnam era, Rare, etc” do your homework or contact us. I try to update the price guide to reflect the current market.





Model # 1 – Professional Throwing Knife –  Made from 1953-1983. Design sold to a franchise named Tru Bal WEST – Pre 1983 marked Tru-Bal –


Model # 2  – Bowie Axe – Made from 1953- present, (currently in production)


Model # 3 – Tru Bal Throwing Bowie – Made from 197-=1983. Design sold to a franchise named Tru Bal WEST – Pre 1983 marked Tru-Bal –


Model # 4-A – Battle Blade Made from 1966-1981 – (Discontinued) Reintroduced in 1993



Model # 4-B – Battle Blade, Reintroduced in 1993 (currently in production)



Model # 5 – Tru- Pro – (Discontinued) 1968 -1980



Model # 6-A – Rifleman, Made 1975-1976 – Revised 1977 – (Discontinued) Very few made.  The Rifleman went through six design changes.



Model # 6-B – Rifleman, Made 1977-1987 – (Discontinued)



Model # 6-C – Rifleman, made 1988-Present (slightly modified) (currently in production)



Model #6-D – Combat Thrower, made 1973-1974 (short lived) – (Discontinued) Less than 25 made.



Model # 7 – American Hunter – Old Design made 1946-1971. New design (shown) made 1971-1975 – (Discontinued)



Model # 8 – Pro-master made 1983-1988 Design sold to Tru Bal EAST



Model # 9 – Champion (1994-1987) – Design sold to Tru Bal EAST



Model # 10 – Bulls Eye Buster 1970-1980 (Discontinued) Very Rare



Model # 11 – Circus Thrower (Discontinued) 1985 Very few made



Model # 44 – Battle Master – Made 1987-1988, Only 70 made. (Discontinued)



Model # 70- Classic Pro Throw – (currently in production)



Model # 76 – Throwing Dirk – (currently in production)



Model # 79 – Sport Pro – (currently in production)



Model # 80  – (Discontinued)



Model # 83 – Super Pro. Is it actually a number 8 without handles



Model # 94 – Mountain Bowie, (currently in production)



Model # 98 – Frontier Bowie, (Discontinued)



 Model # 98-C -American Knife Throwers Alliance club knife