American Knife Throwers Alliance

   The purpose of the AKTA is to provide assistance and to offer guidelines to individuals and groups who may wish to organize for competitive sport in their local areas.

Stated precisely, The American Knife Throwers Alliance is an association of American and international sportsmen dedicated to the practice and promotion of knife throwing as a sport, recreation and hobby. We will try to provide you with dates and news on local and national knife and tomahawk throwing competitions and information concerning every phase of the sport, including knives, throwing techniques, competition, tomahawk throwing, professional knife throwing tips and advice, as well as sources of equipment and many other items of special interest to knife throwers.

The AKTAwelcomes all throwers, no matter what style you prefer. Harry K. McEvoy, founder of Tru-Balance Knife Co of Grand Rapids, Michigan started the AKTA in 1971. The club grew to 1,200 members.

The BULLS EYE BUSTER was published for 22 issues before publication had to be suspended. With little help or facilities, it became too big a task to produce and mail. In 1995, Bobby Branton, a friend of Harry’s and a longtime knifemaker and thrower, with the blessings of Stephen McEvoy, son of the late Harry K. McEvoy, decided not to let the AKTA die. Bobby vows to keep the AKTA alive for years to come.     Harry K. McEvoy started the AKTA in 1971 . These Bobby Branton articles for BLADE Magazine are PDF files.
You might need Adobe Reader to open them.
The Slingin’ Southpaw from St. Albans
His preforming days done, Paul LaCross will go down as one of knife throwing’s best. Living Legend – The World’s Greatest Knife Thrower?
Prince Che Che White Cloud has thrilled audiences for almost half a century. Airborne Blades – Last of the Professional Knife Throwers?
An ancient art form needs your help to survive.

How to throw a knife

Learning to throw a knife is strictly trial and error because no two people are built exactly the same. Therefore after one learns the fundamentals as to grasp, stance and follow through, he must develop a style that fits his build.

One should develop the half turn first, however whether the knife is thrown by the blade or handle the grip is the same. When thrown properly a knife makes a half turn every three feet. 

The knife should be between 12 and 16 inches long and weigh 15 to 16 ounces and should be formed so that it balances in the middle. Thus it can be thrown by the handle or blade with the same accuracy.

Now for a half turn throw, stand about 8 feet from the target. Keep your eye on the bulls eye and throw overhand and follow through.

To put it in layman’s terms, throwing a knife is like throwing a baseball. The pitcher keeps his eye on the spot where he wants the ball to go then follows through after the release.

No matter what the game, be it golf, archery, shooting, etc, one must follow through.

Now at 8 feet the knife lands with the handle in a downward slant you are a little to close. Step back about 6 inches. If the handle is in a upward slant, you must step forward a little.

You must keep this up until the knife lands horizontal every time. Try to throw with the same force so that it will not affect your follow through.

After perfecting the half turn throw you are now ready for the full turn throw. Step back about anywhere from 12 to 15 feet from the target. Hold the knife full by the handle and throw overhand in the same manner as in the half turn throw and remember to follow through as it is the secret in any sport.

Remember practice makes perfect, so practice!

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